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Judy SchaeferHi, I'm the owner & presently the sole chick of SEO Chicks, Judy Schaefer. I've been doing Internet Marketing since 2003 when I founded my first e-commerce site, an online art gallery. I've been creating websites for people since 1999 (the 20th century!), and programming both offline & on since 1987 (no comment, please). The thing I love about the Internet is it makes so much information so readily available to so many people (I'm a bit of an information junkie!).

My career in computers & programming started in 1987 at the University of California, Santa Cruz. I graded homework and taught there while I earned my Bachelor degree in Computer & Information Sciences, graduating with highest honors. I worked for Novell & Digital Research briefly before rejecting the office cube & moving to Colorado to play. The call of technology was too strong to ignore & pretty soon I had a thriving consulting & networking business in Telluride, Colorado.

I created my first website in 1999 and was focused solely on the web by 2003. I find great joy in helping my clients get the word out about their products and services, and hopefully provide a service just in the information that they provide on their websites. It's truly the relationships that develop between my clients and me that make my work so fulfilling. Multiplying their success exponentially really gets me excited & gives meaning to my work!

I generally apply a three-pronged approach to skyrocketing my clients' online success:
1. get their websites prominently featured in the search engines
2. generate interest & drive traffic to their websites using social media
3. improve how well their site converts visitors to customers

Each step in this process multiplies the results of the other steps exponentially. It's a powerful formula!

There are really so many ways to earn money online, and in today's economy many people are looking for ways to expand their business or personal income. If these are concerns for you, please give me a call or email: 505-870-9815 or head to the contact page to email me.

I am a member of the following professional organizations:

  • The Taos County Chamber of Commerce
  • The Taos Entrepreneurial Network
  • Charter Member of StomperNet, an elite, leading edge Internet Marketing Community

Please connect with me here too:

I am always happy to chat with you about your project, so please feel free to call or email any time. 505-870-9815 or head to the contact page to email me.

To your ongoing success!